• Vassili Molodiakov

    Professor, The Research Institute for Global Japanese Studies, Takushoku University. Born in Moscow in 1968.  Graduated in 1993 from Moscow State University, where he also received a PhD in history in 1996. Also obtained a PhD in advanced social and international studies from the University of Tokyo in 2002 and an LLD in political science from Moscow State University in 2004. Was a visiting fellow at the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, in 2000–1. Became senior fellow of Takushoku University’s Institute of Japanese Identity in 2003 and professor in 2012. Has written over 30 books in Russian, 15 of which are about Japan. Two books have been published in Japanese: Gotō Shinpei to Nichi-Ro kankei-shi (Gotō Shinpei and the History of Russo-Japanese Relations) and Japonizumu no Roshia (Japonism in Russia). Has also written over 50 articles in Japanese.

    Nov 6, 2017