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Nagasawa Takaaki
  • Nagasawa Takaaki 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2018.10.02
Journalist. Driven by curiosity to cover diverse topics from agriculture to problems confronting the developing world. Focuses in particular on in-depth stories on unusual and rare topics. Nagasawa has been working freelance since October 2012 after a stint at Jiji Press as an economics reporter. His writings include Sakimono big bang (The Futures Big Bang).
The Ban’ei Horse Races of Hokkaidō2018.10.02

The Tokachi Plain in southeastern Hokkaidō is agricultural country, a vast area of dairy farms and fields of wheat, potatoes, and soybeans. When the early farmers cultivated the land here they relied on powerful draft horses known as Ban’ei horses that were treated as part of the family. In 1946, the first Ban’ei races were held. The tradition, a test of strength and stamina in which the horses …

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