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Professor of American politics and foreign policy, Keiō University, and adjunct fellow, Japan Institute of International Affairs. Received his Ph.D from the Aoyama Gakuin University School of International Politics, Economy, and Business. Taught at Tsuda College and Aoyama Gakuin University before assuming his current post. Author of Kainyū suru Amerika: Rinen Kokka no Sekaikan (American Intervention: Creedal Nation and the World) and other works.
Can the Japan-US Alliance Survive the Trump Presidency?2017.05.16

US President Donald Trump managed to assuage Japanese security anxieties during Prime Minister Abe Shinzō’s visit last February. But political scientist Nakayama Toshihiro cautions that Trump’s America-first approach could undermine the foundations on which Japan and the United States have built their bilateral security partnership.

Japan and the Next US President: Thinking the Unthinkable2016.06.06

With the US presidential primaries winding down, people around the world are struggling to come to grips with the all-but-certain outcome, particularly that on the Republican side. Nakayama Toshihiro, an expert in US politics and Japan-US relations, reflects on the foreign-policy implications for both countries.

Abe’s Groundbreaking US Visit2015.06.02

While many pundits have pronounced Prime Minister Abe’s recent visit to the United States a qualified success, Nakayama Toshihiro argues that it broke new ground—not through the kind of personal rapport prized by previous Japanese prime ministers in their dealings with US presidents but through a shared commitment to the kind of frameworks needed to build a new global partnership.

Caroline Kennedy: A Fresh Face at the US Embassy2013.08.26

Caroline Kennedy looks set to become the next US ambassador to Japan. While her name is widely recognized, there are concerns over her political and diplomatic skills, since both are unknown. Japan, however, should focus on making the most of her name recognition in America. Specialist on US politics and foreign policy Nakayama Toshihiro gives his take on the situation.

How to Enliven Japan’s Foreign Policy Think Tanks2012.09.07

In today’s dramatically changing international environment, Japan needs full-fledged foreign policy and national security think tanks more than ever before. Nakayama Toshihiro, an expert in this field, introduces the proposals of a recent advisory panel and sums up the issues involved.

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