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Nakazawa Shin’ichi
  • Nakazawa Shin’ichi 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2017.10.16
Anthropologist, religious scholar, philosopher; director, Institut pour la Science Sauvage, Meiji University. Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1950. After studying Buddhism in Tibet, returned to Japan to develop his own field of interdisciplinary research, “archeology of the human spirit.” Winner of the 2016 Minakata Kumagusu Prize in the humanities. Author of Geijutsu jinruigaku (Art Anthropology), Kumagusu no hoshi no jikan (Kumagusu’s Shining Moment), and numerous other works.
Minakata Kumagusu: The Meiji Polymath Who Broke the Mold2017.10.16

Scientist, folklorist, environmentalist, philosopher . . . Minakata Kumagusu was a polymath whose brilliant, probing mind knew no boundaries. As Japan marks Minakata’s 150th birthday with symposiums and new publications, Nakazawa Shin’ichi, a polymath in his own right, offers his perspective on an intellectual giant who challenged the assumptions of Japanese society and Western science.

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