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Edgar Award-winning author known for her Mas Arai series of mystery novels.  Born in Pasadena, California. Received her bachelor's degree in international relations from Stanford University and studied at the Inter-University Center for Advanced Japanese Language Studies in Tokyo. Once a reporter and editor of the Rafu Shimpo, she published her first mystery, Summer of the Big Bachi in 2004, featuring Mas Arai, a Japanese-American gardener based in Southern California. She is now working on the seventh and final book of the series.
Ninoshima: Island of Refuge2016.09.22

Mystery writer Naomi Hirahara’s father Isamu was born in California, but was taken as an infant to Hiroshima, where he survived the atomic bombing in 1945, just miles from the blast. Her mother Mayumi, born in Hiroshima, lost her father to the bomb. Shortly after the end of World War II, Isamu returned to California and eventually established himself in the gardening and landscaping trade in the L…

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