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Military analyst and project professor, University of Shizuoka. Born in 1945 in Kumamoto Prefecture. Graduated from the aviation branch of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Youth Cadet Corps and studied divinity at Dōshisha University. Was a reporter for various publications, including a major newsweekly, before becoming Japan’s first independent military analyst. Has been involved in shaping Japan’s foreign, security, and crisis management policies, and was a member of a government panel to strengthen the security capabilities of the Prime Minister’s Office and director of the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. Is the author of many publications, including Chūgoku no sensōryoku (China’s War-Making Potential), Zainichi Beigun (US Forces in Japan), and Gensen kairō (Corridor for Nuclear Submarines).
Will Rising Tensions in the South China Sea Spill Over into the East China Sea?2014.06.06

Tensions have flared between China and Vietnam over offshore oil exploration activities around the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. In May 2014 Vietnam lodged a protest against Chinese violations of Vietnam’s resource interests; in response, armed Chinese patrol boats have been ramming into and firing water cannons at Vietnamese ships, triggering violent anti-Chinese riots in Vietnamese cit…

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