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Okamoto Takeshi
  • Okamoto Takeshi 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2018.10.11
Associate professor at Nara Prefectural University. Born in Nara in 1983. Earned his degree in cognitive psychology from Hokkaidō University in 2007. Completed his doctorate in tourism studies at the same university in 2012. Assumed his present position in April 2015. Works include Zonbigaku (Zombie Studies) and Anime seichi junrei no kankō shakaigaku: Kontentsu tsūrizumu no media komyunikēshon bunseki (Anime Pilgrimages and the Sociology of Tourism: A Media Communication Analysis of Content Tourism).
Zombies in Japanese Entertainment: No Stopping the Undead Spread2018.10.11

The new zombie comedy Kamera o tomeru na (One Cut of the Dead) has inexorable momentum. The low-budget hit, directed by Ueda Shin’ichirō, opened in just two theaters in June 2018, but by September it was screening in more than 300 across Japan, according to listings on its official website. From the mix of small venues and cinema complexes, the film’s inherent entertainment value has clearly fue…

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