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A partner with Roland Berger Strategic Consultants LLC. After graduating from Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics, he worked for US-based strategy and IT consulting firms prior to assuming his current post. Has been involved in a broad range of projects for top-ranking Japanese and overseas companies, with a focus on manufacturing, distribution, and systems industries. Project background includes operations strategies, IT strategies, business process reengineering, project management offices, and support for new enterprise launches, supply chains, marketing, and other key business domains.
Corporate Executives Need to Engage with IT Issues2013.09.17

In my last article I looked at the tasks facing those in the position of chief information officer. When the CIO position does not function effectively, however, the issue boils down to a problem of management, not the individual ability of the CIO.  And when it comes to information technology issues, company executives tend to have little to say apart from asking whether things might be done in …

What is the Role of a Chief Information Officer?2013.08.14

More than half of Japan’s listed companies today have an executive whose title is Chief Information Officer. But CIOs have not lived up to the requirements of the title, failing to adequately serve other company executives and those outside IT departments, as I explained in my previous article. Even though CIOs have authority over the management and implementation of large-scale IT budgets, their …

The Diminishing Returns of Information Technology2013.07.31

Over the past two decades, the IT industry in Japan has put forth bold slogans promising that IT can be used to create a competitive advantage and generate innovation—and it continues to adhere to this approach. But is this actually realistic? This is what many businesspersons outside the IT industry seem to be wondering. And even some of us within the industry share this doubt.  To be fair, I…

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