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Editor in chief of the website Blogos. Born in 1981. Joined the company Livedoor (now called Line Corporation) in 2005. Was involved in running various online media sites, such as the portal site Livedoor and Livedoor News. Launched the Blogos site in 2009.
Online Media in Japan: Can the Huffington Approach Succeed?2013.08.27

My previous article looked at how election campaigns in Japan have entered the Internet age, and concluded by emphasizing the key role of online media in conveying the messages of politicians to voters. The Internet provides a constant stream of information, most of which is instantly buried and goes unnoticed. Voters have a hard time picking up relevant information, so the media needs to help wit…

Election Campaigns Finally Enter the Internet Age2013.04.23

There is considerable interest in Japan at present in the revision of the Public Offices Election Law to lift the ban on the use of the Internet for election campaigns. On April 12 a bill to revise the law was unanimously approved at a House of Representatives (lower house) plenary session. The bill is expected to be approved by the House of Councillors (upper house) as well, paving the way for t…

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