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Journalist and businessman. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1961. In 1990 received MBA from Newport University. Since 1976 has worked as a reporter covering economic and political issues for major Indonesia newspapers, including Business Indonesia and Kompas. Currently editor in chief of monthly publication Japan Indonesia Economic Forum. Consultant for Japanese companies looking to invest in Indonesia. Long-time resident of Tokyo. Works include Indoneshiajin gaikōkan no me kara mita Nihon (Japan Through the Eyes of an Indonesian Diplomat).
Talking Points from the 2015 Asia-Africa Conference in Jakarta2015.05.29

The major results of the 2015 Asia-Africa Conference in Jakarta, including approval of the Bandung Message to Strengthen South-South Cooperation, have been reported in a range of online sources. However, here I would like to focus on a couple of interesting talking points from the conference. The first is the way Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō and Chinese President Xi Jinping were often see…

Presidential Visit Underscores Closeness of Indonesia-Japan Ties2015.05.11

During his first visit to Japan on March 22–25, newly elected Indonesia President Joko Widodo provided business and political leaders with a firsthand glimpse of the charisma and geniality that carried the young leader to victory in 2014. Not since the days of President Suharto nearly two decades earlier has an Indonesian head of state displayed such openness toward Japan and its citizenry. In …

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