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Graduated in 1997 from Kyoto University’s Faculty of Agriculture. Was involved in the creation of a mobile site for Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1999. Established the company Gigaflops in 2000 and managed its mobile portal site. In 2003, sold the company to Cybird Corp. Joined Cybird and handled M&A for its Overseas Division. Created Sigel Corp. in 2006, which specializes in production of mobile content and related consulting. Joined Kamakura Shinsho, Ltd. in 2014, where he serves as a corporate officer. Member of the Nippon.com editorial committee.
AKB48 at its Tenth Anniversary Faces New Challenges2016.01.08

2015 marks the tenth anniversary of the idol group AKB48. The group has maintained its popularity by staying ahead of trends. But the rapidly changing music industry could make the upcoming years more challenging.

Niconico’s Comment-Enhanced Videos Build Fervent Young Community2014.11.06

Niconico is the most popular video-hosting website among young people in Japan today. Currently the site has around 32 million registered users, 2.11 million of whom pay a ¥540 monthly fee for premium membership. Niconico is similar to YouTube or Veoh in the sense that users can upload videos to be watched by other users, but it has a special feature that accounts for its explosive growth: a funct…

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