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Graduated from the Keiō University School of Medicine in 1967. Studied in Paris on a French-government scholarship and was director of the psychiatric department at Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center before becoming head of the Institute for Family Functioning in September 1995. Is now director of the Saitō Clinic and president of the Japanese Society of Studies on Addictive Behaviors. Is the author of Izonshō to kazoku (Addiction and Family), Adaruto chirudoren to kazoku (Adult Children and Family), and other works. His latest title is “Dokuoya” no kodomotachi e (To the Children of Toxic Parents).
Alexithymia: The Emotional Disconnect Behind the Mask of Normalcy2016.12.26

Psychiatrist Saitō Satoru discusses a mental disorder in which individuals become incapable of identifying or expressing their own emotions as they force themselves to appear normal before others. He draws on both his personal clinical experience and the narrative of the award-winning novel Konbini ningen by Murata Sayaka.

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