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Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Tokyo University, specializing in gender theory and East Asian Studies. Born in 1963. After earning a Ph.D. in learning methods from the University of Tokyo, was an assistant professor at the University of Hokkaidō and other institutions before accepting his current position in 2009. Works include Higashi Ajia no kafu chōsei: jendā no hikakushakaigaku (East Asian Patriarchal Systems: Comparative Sociology of Gender).
Between Consenting Adults: Japan’s Incongruous Celebrity Sex Scandals2016.04.22

In the first few months of 2016, Japan’s weekly scandal sheets blew the lid off the sexual affairs of several well-known figures, forcing them to withdraw from public life. Comparative sociologist Sechiyama Kaku questions this ritual of public shaming for behavior that the law regards as a matter of private discretion.

Rainbow in the East: LGBT Rights in Japan2015.05.28

A new ordinance in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward recognizing same-sex partnerships has drawn headlines around the world and started wider discussion of LGBT issues within Japan. Sociologist Sechiyama Kaku examines the recent history of LGBT rights in Japan, including a 1990s court case that proved to be a turning point.

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