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Shimada Hiromi
  • Shimada Hiromi 
  • By this author: 2 Latest posted: 2018.05.01
Adjunct instructor, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, and guest researcher, University of Tokyo Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology. Received his doctorate in religious studies from the University of Tokyo. Has been a professor at Tokyo Women’s University and is currently chair of the Soso Japan Society, which advocates the right to natural burial. Author of Sōka Gakkai, Nihon no jūdai shin shūkyō (Japan’s Top Ten New Religions), and other works.
Religious Faith and the Emperor as a Symbol of the State2018.05.01

Emperor Akihito is the first to have come to the throne under the postwar Constitution. Throughout his reign, he has looked to define for himself a pattern of behavior fitting his role as symbol of the state and national unity. The most obvious results of this search have been the imperial couple’s missions to areas affected by natural disasters and visits to many of the battlefields of the Pacifi…

Japanese Religion Comes Full Circle: Millennials in Search of Their Spiritual Roots2014.04.10

In the wake of the “new religion” movements of the 1960s and “new new religions” of the 1970s and 1980s comes the newest thing yet—young Japanese men and women drawing inspiration from Japan's ancient spiritual heritage. Religious scholar Shimada Hiromi offers a historical perspective on this latest phenomenon.

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