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Cultural journalist and critic. Received his master’s degree from Hōsei University. Has contributed criticism on literature, manga, anime, and other subjects to such journals as Subaru, Shinchō, and Yuriika. Continues to write on a wide range of topics while working as a caregiver for the disabled. Author of Furītā ni totte “jiyū” to wa nani ka (What Does Freedom Mean to a Freeter?), Miyazaki Hayao ron—kamigami to kodomotachi no monogatari (Miyazaki Hayao: Tales of Children and Gods), and other works.
Nature and Asian Pluralism in the Work of Miyazaki Hayao2015.06.04

While the animation of Miyazaki Hayao is regarded by many as quintessentially Japanese, Sugita Shunsuke argues that Miyazaki’s real legacy is a creative idiom that rejects both national insularity and global homogeneity in favor of a complex, pluralistic, and fundamentally Eastern view of nature.

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