• Takahashi Masamitsu 
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Deputy managing editor and senior features writer, Jiji Press. Born in 1961. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Keiō University. Was a reporter in the political news department, covering the LDP’s Obuchi faction, New Frontier Party, and Kōmeitō, and was Jiji’s chief reporter at the press clubs for the Foreign Ministry, LDP, and the Prime Minister’s Office. Became the deputy editor and subsequently chief editor of the political news department and Kobe bureau chief before assuming his current position in 2015.
Cracks in the Abe Monolith: Political Ground Shifting in Advance of Lower House Election2017.08.30

Voter disaffection with the leadership style of Prime Minister Abe Shinzō and his circle has forced the prime minister to reshuffle his cabinet, retract his timetable for constitutional reform, and rethink his political strategy. Takahashi Masamitsu reviews the developments that have shattered Abe’s complacency and their implications for Japanese politics leading into the next general election.

Will Japan Move to Amend the Constitution?2016.08.25

The ruling coalition’s upper house election victory gives Prime Minister Abe the numbers he needs to initiate a constitutional referendum. Political journalist Takahashi Masamitsu examines the hurdles the administration must clear to achieve a constitutional amendment.

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