• Tanaka Hiroshi 
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Born in Higashikawa, Hokkaidō in 1949. Employed by the Asahikawa City government in 1970, Tanaka began photographing Hokkaidō’s wilderness and wildlife on his days off, and spotted his first shimafukurō (Blakiston’s fish owl) in 1990. The following year he started to study this elusive owl in earnest. He has continued his observations since retiring in 2006, and has published the photo collection Shimafukurō no koe ga kikoeru (I Can Hear the Call of the Shimafukurō).
In Photographic Pursuit of Hokkaidō’s Rare Owls (Photos)2017.10.02

The shimafukurō, one of the world’s largest owl species, was once thought extinct in Japan and is still considered endangered. Tanaka Hiroshi has been focusing his camera on these magnificent raptors in his native Hokkaidō for over two and a half decades.

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