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Economic analyst and president of the Center for International Public Policy Studies. Born in 1945. Completed his doctoral studies in economics at the University of Tokyo. Served as president of the Twenty-first Century Public Policy Institute and as a member of numerous governmental councils. Published works include Kin’yū kuraishisu—Shin gurōbaru keizai to Nihon no sentaku (Financial Crisis: The New Global Economy and the Choices Facing Japan) and Maibotsu suru kokka (The Buried Nation).
China’s Resource-Consuming Economy Reaches Turning Point2016.03.23

At the start of 2016 two issues surfaced in the world economy: yet another downward revision of the outlook for resource prices and, on the financial side, the settlement of bad debts. Investors are shying away from stock-market risks, and even in advanced economies the market capitalization of companies continues to shrink. Recognition is growing globally that the source of these uncertainties …

The PLA’s Rising Prominence2014.07.28

June 4 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on the pro-democracy protests at Tiananmen Square. Over the past quarter century, many theories that were offered on the course China would take have disappeared, and the country itself has undergone a vast transformation. I will review some of the theories that were once widely held. One was the idea that economic development would…

Beyond the Myth of the Economic Superpower2012.07.02

As the Japanese struggle to formulate a viable growth strategy for the twenty-first century, economic analyst Tanaka Naoki urges them to forget everything they were told about the sources of Japanese economic supremacy during the years of rapid growth.

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