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Joined the Ministry of Finance (then known as the Ministry of the Treasury) in 1974. Later served as secretary to Prime Minister Koizumi Jun’ichirō and as Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party, and as director general of the ministry’s Financial Bureau and its Budget Bureau. In 2009 became administrative vice-minister of finance. Since his retirement in 2010 he has been a special advisor to the ministry and an auditor for the Yomiuri Group.
Global Japan: 2050 Simulations and Strategies2012.11.14

In April 2012, Keidanren’s 21st Century Public Policy Institute released a report with detailed simulations of the Japanese and global economies leading up to 2050. Tango Yasutake introduces some of the report’s key points.

Pursuing Comprehensive Reform of Japan’s Social Security and Taxation Systems2012.05.16

Statistically speaking, Japan’s fiscal situation is the worst of all the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Although Japan’s national budget for fiscal 2012 totaled ¥90.3 trillion, Japan had only ¥42.3 trillion in tax revenue. The ¥44.2 trillion shortfall was made up by issuing government bonds. On top of this, the unusual measure was taken of issuing a…

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