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Tanno Kiyoto
  • Tanno Kiyoto 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2018.05.14
Professor of sociology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, specializing in migrant studies. Born in 1966. Completed doctoral program studies in sociology at Hitotsubashi University. His published works include Ekkyō suru koyō shisutemu to gaikokujin rōdōsha (trans. Migrant Workers in Contemporary Japan), Kokuseki no kyōkai o kangaeru (Considering the Borders of Nationality), and “Gaikokujin no jinken” no shakaigaku (The Sociology of Foreigners’ Human Rights).
Time to Revise Japan’s Outdated Nationality Act2018.05.14

The nationality law that Japan adopted in the nineteenth century, based on Western models, was progressive by contemporary standards. A new Nationality Act was adopted in 1950, and it has since been amended to provide complete gender equality. But Japan still does not accept dual nationality, which is now commonly allowed by other countries. The provisions should be updated in line with today’s in…

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