Terakado Kazuo
  • Terakado Kazuo 
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Science journalist. Research fellow in the Japan Space Forum. Launched the science magazine Newton, published by Kyōikusha, in 1981. His main books include Chūgoku, “uchū kyōkoku” e no yabō (China’s Ambitions to Become a Space Powerhouse), Fainaru furontia—Yūjin uchū kaitaku zenshi (A History of Manned Space Development, the Final Frontier), and “Ginga tetsudō no yoru” fīrudo nōto (Field Notes: A Night on the Galaxy Railway).
Japan’s Manned Space Development Pressed to Deal with Rapidly Changing Age2017.07.04

We have reached an age when humankind is attempting various new ventures in space. What will the future of manned space activities look like? A science journalist familiar with space development trends considers the path Japan should take.

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