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Tōgō Kazuhiko
  • Tōgō Kazuhiko 
  • By this author: 2 Latest posted: 2014.10.09
Director of the Institute for World Affairs at Kyoto Sangyō University. After graduating from the University of Tokyo in 1968, joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he served as director-general of the European and Oceanic Affairs Bureau and as Japanese ambassador to the Netherlands. After leaving the Ministry in 2002, he taught at Leiden University, Princeton University, Seoul University, and other universities. Has held his current position since 2010. Published works include Hoppō Ryōdo kōshō hiroku: ushinawareta godo no kikai (Secret Record of the Northern Territories Negotiations: Five Lost Opportunities), Rekishi ninshiki o toinaosu: Yasukuni, ianfu, ryōdo mondai (Rethinking Historical Perception: Yasukuni, the Confort Women, and Territorial Issues), and Japan’s Foreign Policy 1945-2009: The Quest for a Proactive Policy.
Japan’s Foreign Policy Options Following Asahi’s “Comfort Women” Retraction2014.10.09

What can the Japanese government do to resolve the comfort women issue? Blaming fabricated media reports will do little to change international opinion. Its only choice is to achieve reconciliation with former comfort women while they are still alive.

Eurasian Diplomacy in Japan, 1997–20012014.03.13

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of China in the 1990s, Japan’s leaders recognized the need for a more independent foreign policy adapted to the realities of the post–Cold War era. “Eurasian diplomacy” played a crucial role in this transition, as related by a former top Foreign Ministry official closely involved in the policy’s development and implementation under three successiv…

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