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Professor at Ferris University’s Division of Global and Inter-cultural Studies. Born in Fukuoka in 1965. Specializes in the history of France’s international relations. Graduated in 1989 from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University’s Department of Literature. Earned a DEA degree from Pantheon-Sorbonne University for the study of the history of contemporary international relations. Published works include her contributions to the 2012 book Yōroppa tōgō to Furansu, idaisa o motometa Isseiki (European Unification and France: The Search for Greatness) and to the 2008 book Sensō no ato ni/wakai to kanyō (Reconciliation and Magnanimity After War). Has also published a number of academic papers on such topics as European unification and the politics and diplomacy of France in the age of globalization.
Changing Career Goals for Female Students in Japan2016.06.02

To follow up on my previous article about shūkatsu, Japanese students’ hunt for post-graduation jobs, in which I discussed this annual ritual in the context of the changes in Japanese society, here I would like to offer an overview of the job hunt for women students. The current generation of older people may still harbor an image of the students at women’s universities as taking jobs with top-…

“Shūkatsu”: How Japanese Students Hunt for Jobs2016.05.30

Foreign tourists are now an everyday sight on the streets of Tokyo. One wonders what they make of the young Japanese men and women they see wearing uniform black suits, showing less individuality than even the typical “salaryman.” They are evidently not businesspeople, but what are they? The answer: These are Japanese university students suited up to hunt for post-graduation jobs. A distinctive…

Revival of Japan’s Wild Game Cuisine2015.04.03

The mountainous regions of Japan have a long tradition of eating wild game. And in recent years this tradition has been enjoying a revival as more and more restaurants make use of venison and other wild meats. This article takes a look at the past and present of this little known aspect of Japanese cuisine.

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