• Uehara Yoshiko

    Professor at Ferris University’s Division of Global and Inter-cultural Studies. Born in Fukuoka in 1965. Specializes in the history of France’s international relations. Graduated in 1989 from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University’s Department of Literature. Earned a DEA degree from Pantheon-Sorbonne University for the study of the history of contemporary international relations. Published works include her contributions to the 2012 book Yōroppa tōgō to Furansu, idaisa o motometa Isseiki (European Unification and France: The Search for Greatness) and to the 2008 book Sensō no ato ni/wakai to kanyō (Reconciliation and Magnanimity After War). Has also published a number of academic papers on such topics as European unification and the politics and diplomacy of France in the age of globalization.

    Nov 26, 2018