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Uno Koremasa
  • Uno Koremasa 
  • By this author: 4 Latest posted: 2018.03.15
Film and music journalist. Born in Tokyo in 1970. Worked as an editor at Rocking On Japan, Cut, Musica, and other publications. Today he writes mainly for the film section of the online publication Real Sound. Major published works include 1998 no Utada Hikaru (Utada Hikaru in 1998) and Kururi no koto (About Quruli).
Amuro Namie’s Artistic Trajectory: A Roadmap for Artists in a New Media Age2018.03.15

For Japanese pop-music fans, the months have been flying by since the Japanese singing sensation Amuro Namie stunned the music world with her September 2017 announcement that she would retire for good just a year later. Beginning with a concert at the Nagoya Dome on February 17, Amuro has now embarked on what she has dubbed “Final Tour 2018,” including performances not only in cities across Japan …

Singer Utada Hikaru Back in the Charts After Extended Hiatus2017.03.31

Utada Hikaru’s new album Fantôme, the singer’s first in close to a decade, has hovered near the top of the Japanese music charts since its release in September 2016. CD and digital sales of the album have topped one million, a mark it reached in January. Many in the industry consider this accomplishment par for the course for Utada, who set the sales record in Japan with her 1999 debut album Fir…

Kitano Takeshi: Marching to His Own Creative “Beat”2017.02.06

Kitano Takeshi has established a unique position for himself, appearing as a popular comedian on Japanese TV while simultaneously winning international acclaim as a serious filmmaker. Meet the unique creator who has for many years lived a double life as mass entertainer and creative artist.

SMAP: How a Boy Band Became a National Institution2016.09.23

After 28 years of activity, the popular group SMAP is to break up at the end of this year. They have played a unique role in the Japanese entertainment industry, becoming national icons along the way.

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