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Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University; director, Waseda University Taiwan Research Institute. Born in 1949. Received his Ph.D. in international relations and sociology from the University of Tokyo. Has taught in the foreign language department and graduate area studies department of the University of Tokyo and served as a visiting professor at the Institute of Taiwan History, National Chengchi University (Taiwan). His works include Taiwan no seiji: Chūka Minkoku Taiwanka no sengo shi (The Republic of China and the Politics of Taiwanization: The Changing Identity of Taiwan in Postwar East Asia).
The Sunflower Movement and the Emergence of a “New Mass” in Taiwan2014.07.31

When students occupied Taiwan’s parliament building this spring, they won backing from a broad mass of citizens. What is the nature of this new mass, and what are the prospects for the new civic movement resisting President Ma Ying-jeou’s tilt toward China?

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