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Born in 1972. Earned a master’s degree from Kyōritsu Women’s University and a doctoral degree from Tokyo Metropolitan University. Currently an associate professor at Kyōritsu Women’s Junior College. Specializes in the observation of street fashions, with a focus on youth culture, color, and lifestyle design. Published works include Tettei zukai iro no shikumi (The Visual Encyclopedia of Color) and Sutoriito fashon ron (Theory of Street Fashion).
Neon Colors Light Up the Streets2013.09.09

The trend in 2012 was for feminine fashions, with an emphasis on gentle colors such as sherbet or pastel shades. This changed in 2013—now, a stylish look incorporating neon pink, yellow, and green colors for hats, skirts, sneakers, or accessories is becoming increasingly popular. These colors are also being used for nail art and eye makeup. Vivid colors with a strong impact are completely changi…

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