• Watanabe Midori

    Visiting professor, Bunka Gakuen University. After graduating from Waseda University, joined the Nippon Television Network in 1957. Produced television programs about the imperial family following her coverage of the marriage of the crown prince in 1959. Won a Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Award for the 1980 documentary Mitsugo jūgonen no seichō kiroku (A  Fifteen-Year Triplet Chronicle). Served as chief director of the coverage of the demise of Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) in 1989. Her most recent book is Michiko-sama kara Mako-sama Kako-sama e: Purinsesu no sodatekata (Raising Princesses: From Princess Michiko to Princess Mako and Princess Kako).

    Mar 10, 2017