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Research director at the Canon Institute for Global Studies and senior fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Born in 1955. Started working for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in 1977. Among other posts, served as counselor in the Japanese government’s mission to the European Union and deputy director-general in the Rural Development Bureau. Left MAFF in 2008. Author of Nōkyō kaitai (Dissolve the Agricultural Cooperatives), Nihon no nōgyō o hakai shita no wa dare ka (Who Destroyed Japanese Agriculture?), and other works.
Koizumi Jr.’s Quixotic Quest for Agricultural Reform2016.12.16

Koizumi Shinjirō, director of the LDP agriculture and forestry division, is pushing for agricultural reform to rectify the high price of supplies and other issues confronting the industry. The scion of a former maverick prime minister faces fierce resistance, however, from the country’s powerful farm lobby.

A First Step Toward Reform of Japan’s Agricultural Cooperative System2015.04.20

The government has embarked on the first overhaul of Japan’s agricultural cooperative system in around 60 years. Yamashita Kazuhito takes a look at the history of this powerful institution—whose influence stretches beyond farming to the worlds of politics and finance—and ponders its future role.

Understanding the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives2013.07.30

The Japan Agricultural Cooperatives group, or the JA, continues to command power and influence despite the decline of Japanese agriculture. Yamashita Kazuhito explains how this has come to pass and looks at the implications of JA opposition to Japan’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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