Yamazaki Mikine
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Professor at the Hokkaidō University Public Policy School. Born in Mie Prefecture in 1967. Completed coursework for a doctorate at Hokkaidō University and became an assistant professor at the Kushiro Public University of Economics and Hokkaidō University’s Graduate School of Law before assuming his current position in 2007. Is the author of Kokudo kaihatsu no jidai: Sengo Hokkaidō o meguru jichi to tōchi (The Era of National Development: Autonomy and Governance in Postwar Hokkaidō) (2006) and “Ryōiki” o meguru bunken to tōgō: Sukottorando kara kangaeru (“Territorial” Decentralization and Integration: The Example of Scotland) (2011).
Lessons from Hokkaidō: Coping with Rapid Demographic Change2015.01.05

Four in five municipalities in Hokkaidō are expected to see their population decline by 30% or more over the next quarter century. How are they preparing for such potentially decimating demographic changes? A number of them have come up with unique solutions.

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