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Nonfiction writer. Born in Tokyo in 1960. Graduated from Keiō University and worked in manufacturing before joining the publishing house Bungeishunjū Ltd., writing and editing for the publications Shūkan Bunshun and Number until going freelance in 2003. Winner of the 2009 Mizuno Sportswriter Award. Major published works include: Sen kyūhyaku nanajū roku nen no Antonio Inoki (Antonio Inoki in 1976), Sen kyūhyaku hachijū go nen no Kurasshu Gyaruzu (The Crush Gals in 1985), and Sen kyūhyaku rokujū yon nen no Jaianto Baba (Giant Baba in 1964). (Profile photograph by Minamoto Tadayuki.)
The Furious Theater of Women’s Professional Wrestling in Japan2015.02.25

It is not well known, but Japan has a unique heritage of women’s professional wrestling. The birth of the sport now known in Japan as joshi puroresu came in 1948, only three years after the end of World War II. The spectacle began as entertainment for drinkers in the minor theaters, cabaret clubs, and strip joints of the nation as an erotic performance in which contestants would strive to capture…

Curing the “Samurai Blues”: Bringing a Great Wave of Improvement to Japan’s Soccer2014.11.17

At the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Japan’s men reached the last 16 by playing defensive soccer. But at the 2014 tournament in Brazil, while aiming for a more attacking style, the team crashed out at the group stage after one draw and two losses. Japan head coach Javier Aguirre, October 2014. (© Jiji Press) The man chosen to succeed Japan’s outgoing Italian manager Alberto Zaccheroni …

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