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Representative director of Gemba Lab and journalist. Born in 1957. Studied science and engineering at Waseda University and conducted research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Joined Asahi Shimbun in 1988, where he wrote about economic and industry issues. Became a member of the editorial board in 2005. In April 2017, left the newspaper and established Gemba Lab. He now works as a freelance journalist and is a member of the Japan National Press Club planning committee. Works include Korekara no yūryō kigyō (Future Blue-Chip Companies).
Pivot to Electric: EVs’ Growing Status in the Japanese Auto Industry2017.12.07

The combustible engine has been the heart of the automobile industry since the invention of the car more than 130 years ago. But in the face of environmental concerns, electric vehicles have emerged to challenge this supremacy. Japanese manufacturers like Nissan are maneuvering to lead the ongoing shift toward adopting EV technology.

Sony High-Tech Plant Prepares for the Next Big One2017.09.19

As major earthquakes could take place anywhere in Japan, they are a significant risk for the country’s high-tech firms. Precision equipment in plants can be easily damaged. Following last year’s earthquakes in Kumamoto Prefecture, a Sony subsidiary is taking action to reduce the potential impact of a future disaster on production.

Japanese Society Needs a Truly Global Approach2012.07.17

Securing global talent capable of competing in global markets is a major challenge for Japanese industry. Business managers commonly complain that Japanese young people are inward-looking “herbivores” who are no longer interested in venturing out into the world beyond Japan. They claim that this puts Japan in a dangerous position at a time when global talent is in high demand, and call for more yo…

Sharp’s Alliance with Foxconn: Escaping the Self-Sufficiency Mindset2012.05.10

Sharp’s incoming president, Okuda Takashi, takes questions at a press conference to announce the capital and business alliance with Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industries, a global leader in electronics manufacturing services. (Photo: Jiji Press) Sharp has entered into a capital and business alliance with Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industries (which trades as Foxconn), the world’s largest elect…

The Diversity Deficit: How Japanese Corporate Recruitment Has Failed to Move with the Times2012.04.26

Crowds of young people, somewhat ill-at-ease in their matching black suits, are a common sight at this time of year in the business districts of Tokyo. The height of the spring recruitment season is upon us again, and another batch of young hopefuls is on the hunt for job offers that will see them enter the workforce in April 2013. But in the tough economic climate that has prevailed since the L…

What Does the Future Hold for Japanese Automakers?2012.03.22

The malaise affecting the Japanese manufacturing sector is often attributed to “six hardships,” among them the galloping yen and heavy corporate taxes. All of Japan’s major electronics manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sony, and Sharp, are set to post losses for the current fiscal year. But what about the automobile industry—the mainstay of the Japanese economy? At first glance, the situation lo…

Can Japan’s Economy and Politics Withstand a Heavier Burden?2012.02.16

Japan’s mountains of public debt cannot be resolved without increasing the burden on ordinary taxpayers. But how? Finding a way to do this without upsetting the electorate is the major political and economic challenge for Japan in the first half of 2012. The road ahead will not be easy. The fiscal crisis engulfing the world’s leading economies, sparked by the crisis in the euro zone, is threateni…

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