Step into Homes Built by Architects

When thinking of houses designed by architects, many imagine an unusual exterior. These creators, however, also apply their talents to the inside. This series of photographs by Jérémie Souteyrat presents examples of stylish twenty-first century architecture and the people who live in them.

A Home that Hibernates Through WinterJérémie Souteyrat /Manuel Tardits

Repository is a home built to withstand the cold of a Hokkaidō winter as well as the sometimes intense heat of its summer. Architect Igarashi Jun’s design is surprisingly bright and open, letting in seasonal sounds and fragrances through much of the year.

A House Open to the ElementsJérémie Souteyrat /Véronique Hours /Fabien Mauduit

Architect couple Kamo Kiwako and Manuel Tardits built their own home in Tokyo as an experiment. They prioritized not everyday comfort, but rather what they could learn by trying to link concrete and nature together.

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