Go Master Cho Wins Series with AI (News)


Tokyo, Nov. 23 (Jiji Press)--Go master Cho Chikun triumphed in his final game against DeepZenGo, a Japanese artificial intelligence program, on Wednesday to win the three-game series 2-1.

Cho Chikun (right, behind the board) defeats the AI system DeepZenGo in the third of three matches to win the series 2-1 in Tokyo on November 23, 2016. DeepZenGo developer Katō Hideki is in the foreground. (© Jiji)

Cho, 60, who has garnered 74 titles in his career, the largest number in Japan, defeated DeepZenGo, with the 167th move in the third game in the nonhandicapped series.

DeepZenGo uses deep learning and other advanced technologies. It is being developed with support mainly from Dwango Co., a video-sharing website operator, and the University of Tokyo.

“I feel as if I was playing with a human as (DeepZenGo) has both strong and weak points,” Cho said after the final game.

DeepZenGo “suffered a crushing defeat today,” developer Hideki Kato, 62, said. But he said: “I know exactly what needs to be fixed. I had much to gain from the series.”

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