Many Japanese Worried about Ties with US under Trump: Jiji Poll (News)


Tokyo, Dec. 16 (Jiji Press)—A Jiji Press opinion poll showed Friday that a majority of Japanese people feel anxious about the future of the relationship between Japan and the United States, ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration as US president in January next year.

The proportion of respondents who showed such concerns came to 61.1%, according to the survey. Meanwhile, 27.7% expressed hopes for the bilateral relationship into the future, while 11.2% said they do not know.

During his presidential election campaign, Trump provoked controversy by, among other things, hinting at the possibility of reviewing the status quo of the US-Japan alliance.

In the opinion poll, 40.8% expressed support for the Japanese government's policy to continue seeking the effectuation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership although it now appears very difficult for the free trade pact to go into effect as Trump has voiced his intention to withdraw his country from the TPP, which was signed by 12 countries including Japan and the United States in February.

Respondents against the Japanese policy came to 24.3%, while 34.9% said they do not know.

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