Abe Highlights Power of Reconciliation in Pearl Harbor Speech


Honolulu, Dec. 27 (Jiji Press)—Making a historic visit to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō underscored the "power of reconciliation" that allowed his country and the United States to build a strong alliance after World War II.

Abe was accompanied by US President Barack Obama. It was the first time that the sitting Japanese prime minister and US president together visited the site of the Imperial Japanese Navy's 1941 air raid, which triggered the US entry into the war.

Abe and Obama paid floral tributes and observed silent prayers at the USS Arizona Memorial, a facility built over a warship sunk in the Pearl Harbor attack. After that, the two leaders tossed petals into the water toward the sunken vessel.

The two moved to a pier on the opposite shore, where Abe delivered a speech, followed by Obama.

"Japan and the United States, which fought a fierce war that will go down in the annals of human history, have become allies with deep and strong ties rarely found anywhere in history," Abe said.

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