Japan's Ordinary Diet Session to Open on January 20: Abe (News)


Ise, Mie Pref., Jan. 4 (Jiji Press)—The Diet, Japan's parliament, will convene in an ordinary session on January 20, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō said Wednesday.

Abe unveiled the schedule during a press conference held after his New Year's visit to Ise Jingū, a major Shinto shrine in Ise in the central prefecture of Mie.

He said, "The economy will remain my top policy priority this year."

"To get the Japanese economy out of deflation, I'll continue to shoot the 'three arrows,'" Abe said, referring to the drastic monetary easing, bold fiscal stimulus, and growth strategies implemented under his Abenomics economic policy mix.

On the issue of Emperor Akihito's possible abdication, Abe said, "It's an extremely crucial issue that needs to be addressed for the future and we must never make political capital out of it."

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