Japan to Raise Marriageable Age for Women From 16 to 18 (News)


Tokyo, Jan. 21 (Jiji Press)—The Japanese government will set the legal age for marriage at 18 for both men and women, informed sources said Saturday.

Currently, the minimum allowable marriage age in Japan is 18 for men and 16 for women under the Civil Code.

The lower age is set for women because their physical development is faster than men. But the difference has drawn criticism from international and domestic organizations that the country treats women unfairly.

The government plans to include a provision stipulating that both men and women can get married when they reach 18 in an amendment bill to the Civil Code for lowering the country's adult age from 20 to 18, the sources said.

The government aims to introduce the bill to the ongoing ordinary parliamentary session, which was convened on Friday, hoping to put the equal marrying age into effect as early as 2021, they added.

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