Court Rejects Compensation for Gender Disorder Suicide


Hiroshima, Jan. 26 (Jiji Press)—Hiroshima District Court has turned down a request for compensation under Japan's industrial accident insurance scheme by the family of a woman with gender identity disorder who committed suicide in 2008.

In the lawsuit, the family demanded the court revoke a decision by the labor standards office in Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture not to pay bereaved family compensation pension benefits.

The family argued that the suicide should be blamed on the dismissal of the woman by her employer on the grounds that she had the disorder and, therefore, compensation for a work-related tragedy should be made.

According to the court ruling on Wednesday, in November 2008 the woman confided in a colleague at her workplace, a used car dealership, that she was struggling with the disorder. The employer then fired her, claiming that she corrupted the morals of the company. She developed depression and killed herself in January 2009 at age 29.

Presiding Judge Suenaga Masayuki acknowledged that the revelation of the disorder caused "severe psychological stress" to her. But he denied any link between the depression and her work, saying, "People with gender identity disorder tend to develop depression."

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