Israeli Minister Visits Grave of Japanese Diplomat Sugihara (News)


Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref., Feb. 1 (Jiji Press)—Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on Wednesday visited the grave of Sugihara Chiune, a Japanese diplomat known for issuing transit visas to thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis during World War II.

Finance Minister Kahlon lays flowers on Sugihara Chiune’s grave during a February 1 visit to Kamakura. (© Jiji)

The visit to the grave in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo, was in line with a request by Kahlon. According to the Israeli side, it is the first visit to the grave by an Israeli cabinet minister.

Expressing the Israeli government's gratitude to Sugihara for saving Jews from Nazi persecution, Kahlon said the present-day world needs people like Sugihara.

Kahlon lifted a glass of vodka, which Sugihara is said to have liked, to honor the former Japanese acting consul in Lithuania.

Sugihara's fourth son, Nobuki, 68, who lives in Belgium, said that his father would be delighted at the visit by the Israeli minister.

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