Funds Sought for "Spa-musement Park" in Japan's Beppu (News)


Beppu, Oita Pref., Feb. 10 (Jiji Press)—The famous Japanese spa resort of Beppu started raising money through crowdfunding on Friday for a project to operate a "spa-musement park," where people will ride on a merry-go-round, a roller coaster or a Ferris wheel while soaking in hot spring water.

The southwestern city of Beppu, the largest hot spring resort in Japan in terms of water flow per minute, aims to open the attraction for three days in late July at Rakutenchi, an existing local amusement park.

"In addition to producing economic benefits, the facility will hopefully gather attention from around the world and allow our citizens, especially children, to feel proud of their hometown," said Beppu Mayor Nagano Yasuhiro.

The springboard for the fundraiser was an online promotional video of about two and a half minutes that the city posted in November last year.

In the video, created with cooperation from Rakutenchi to depict Beppu as a spa city and a playground at the same time, some 150 citizens appear as extras with towels wrapped around their bodies, some relaxing in bathtubs placed on a merry-go-round and others boarding roller-coaster cars filled with creamy white hot spring water.

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