Seafood "Dashi" Soup Stock Winning New Fans (News)


Tokyo, Feb. 23 (Jiji Press)—The umami savory taste of seafood dashi soup stock, an essence of washoku Japanese cuisine, is attracting renewed attention, including from young people and visitors to Japan.

One restaurant promotes dashi as its mainstay offering.

At specialized dried bonito retailer Ninben's Nihonbashi Dashi Bar, which opened in central Tokyo about seven years ago, visitors can savor dashi as if in a cafe. The bar serves seafood dashi in cups, including one made from dried bonito and mixed broth from dried bonito and konbu dried kelp. Tomato- and cream-flavored soups are also on the menu.

For lunch, the bar offers rice topped with dried bonito flakes and rice cooked with sea bream. Many customers enjoy the dishes along with dashi.

The shop has many regular customers, led by women. Young people and couples are also often spotted there.

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