One Year On: Death Toll from Kumamoto Quakes Top 200 (News)


Kumamoto, April 13 (Jiji Press)—The death toll from a series of strong earthquakes that mainly hit Kumamoto Prefecture one year ago has topped 200 in the southwestern Japan prefecture, including those who died due to indirect causes.

Progress has been made on reconstruction efforts in disaster areas, with displaced people having restarted life in temporary housing. But some roads remain closed, and railway services are still partially suspended, showing lingering scars of the disaster.

The number of people who died in the disaster stood at 222 as of Thursday, including 50 who were killed due to direct causes, such as being crushed to death by collapsed buildings.

Deaths from indirect causes, such as the deterioration of illnesses during prolonged life while evacuated, have continued to be reported.

According to the Kumamoto prefectural government, the number of evacuees reached as high as 183,882 at 855 evacuation centers. But all shelters had been closed by November last year.

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