One Year On: Tourism Recovery Tardy in Aso Area (News)


Aso, Kumamoto Pref., April 13 (Jiji Press)—Many sightseeing spots in Kumamoto Prefecture are gradually winning back visitors a year after a series of powerful earthquakes.

But the recovery of tourism has been tardy in the city of Aso, although it has Mount Aso, one of the most famous sightseeing spots in the Kyūshū prefecture, partly because of the slow pace of restoration in transportation infrastructure.

A person concerned says, "It seems that Aso has been excluded from tourists' lists of destinations due to the persistent image that the city has still been reeling in the aftermath of the disaster," adding, "We do hope people will visit Aso as improvements are being made in our road infrastructure."

According to the tourism department of the Aso municipal government, the number of visitors who stayed overnight or longer in the city stood at about 780,000 in 2015.

But the visitor number in 2016 is believed to have plummeted to some 510,000, with people related to postdisaster reconstruction work accounting for as many as about 200,000.

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