Ninja Research Center to Be Established in Central Japan (News)


Iga, Mie Pref., May 9 (Jiji Press)—Japan's Mie University is planning to establish the world's first center for comprehensive research on ninja in July.

The international research center, to be located in Iga in central Japan's Mie Prefecture, will compile a database of ninja-related information from within and outside the country. The database is aimed at covering not only written studies but also novels and movies.

The university plans to make the database available online in both Japanese and English.

Hisamatsu Makoto, specially appointed professor at Mie University, is doing research on the ninja diet. Using historical references, he is studying the taste, portability and calories of ninja food by cooking it himself.

Ninja food "would be a good reference for emergency food and how to take meals in the wake of a disaster," Hisamatsu said.

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