Global Cyberattack Hits Japan, Including Hitachi, JR East (News)


Tokyo, May 15 (Jiji Press)—Japanese companies, municipalities, and citizens have fallen prey to cyberattacks that began hitting targets worldwide late last week, it was learned Monday.

Japanese electronics giant Hitachi Ltd.'s in-house computer system has been destabilized, with some email messages and attachments being blocked, company officials said the same day.

Although the scale and cause of the problem are still under investigation, Hitachi believes that its system was attacked by global ransomware that reached epidemic proportions on Friday, according to the officials.

A computer used at a branch office of East Japan Railway Co., or JR East, was infected with a virus on Friday that is apparently linked to the global cyberattacks.

According to JR East public relations officials, the infection has not affected train operations or other services as the computer, used mainly to browse the Internet, is not connected to in-house information networks.

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