Western Japan Town Working to Revive D51 Steam Locomotive


Wakayama (Jiji Press)—The town of Aridagawa in Wakayama Prefecture is working to revive a Class D51 steam locomotive for display at a local railway park.

The D51 827 locomotive, made in 1943, was used mainly for freight trains linking Gifu and Aichi Prefectures from 1946 until it was decommissioned in 1973.

Achiha Co., a transport company based in Osaka offering rolling stock transportation and other services, bought the steam locomotive from an individual owner in Aichi.

Aridagawa proposed installing it at the railway park, called Aridagawa Tetsudō Kōen, utilizing facilities that include tracks.

The D51 827, weighing some 78 tons, was disassembled and transported in three parts to the park on April 18. The locomotive will be reassembled by Achiha. A 22-ton tender, or coal car, will be connected to the locomotive when it goes on display.

The D51 locomotive is prepared for reassembly at Aridagawa Tetsudō Kōen in Aridagawa, Wakayama Prefecture, on April 18, 2017. (© Jiji; courtesy of Aridagawa town hall)

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