New Arrest Warrant Served on Ultraleftist for 1971 Murder (News)


Osaka, June 7 (Jiji Press)—Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday served an ultraleftist, arrested last month after 46 years on the run, with a fresh arrest warrant for the 1971 murder of a policeman.

Ōsaka Masaaki (center) arrives at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, on June 7, 2017. (© Jiji)

Ōsaka Masaaki, an activist of a far-left radical group known as Chūkaku-ha, is suspected of killing the police officer, Nakamura Tsuneo, then 21, with a firebomb and an iron pipe during a November 1971 clash near Tokyo's Shibuya Station between the riot police and student extremists.

The students were demanding Japan refuse to ratify a bilateral treaty with the United States on Okinawa's return to Japanese administration from its postwar US rule as the pact let the US military stay in the southernmost prefecture of Japan.

Chūkaku-ha, or the Japan Revolutionary Communist League, is said to be aiming to realize a communist society through armed revolution. Its members currently total some 4,700.

The Tokyo police, which put Ōsaka on its wanted list in 1972, aim to figure out his involvement in the murder case as well as details of his life as a fugitive.

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