Yamanashi Cities Pour Energies into Wine Resort Plan (News)


Kōshu, Yamanashi Pref., June 9 (Jiji Press)—In Yamanashi Prefecture, the top producer of wine made only from grapes grown in Japan, three cities have come together to create a wine resort plan.

The cities of Kōshu, Fuefuki and Yamanashi, which host a total of some 60 wineries, are collaborating to promote the area as a resort where tourists can stay at ryokan Japanese-style inns with onsen hot springs while exploring wineries and other local attractions.

According to research by the prefecture, west of Tokyo, the three neighboring cities, which make up one of Japan's biggest wine-producing regions, last year were visited by approximately 5.5 million tourists.

Of them, 70% only came on single-day trips, creating a possible opening for the cities to increase the number of overnight visitors.

Wineries took the first step in efforts to coax visitors to stay longer.

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