20% of Japanese Elderly Supporting Offsprings’ Living Costs (News)


Tokyo, June 16 (Jiji Press)—Some 20% of Japanese people are supporting the living expenses of their children or grandchildren even after the age of 60, a government survey showed Friday.

The survey also showed that over 60% of the elderly are not worried about their own economic livelihood.

The results were published in the government's annual white paper on aging society, adopted at a cabinet meeting.

The Cabinet Office conducted the survey in June last year on some 3,000 people aged 60 or older. About 2,000 people gave valid responses.

Of the respondents, 20.2% had an average monthly income, including pension money, of less than ¥100,000, while 32.9% earned at least ¥100,000 but less than ¥200,000. Those making ¥200,000 or more accounted for 44.3%.

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