Hiroshima Mayor Strongly Calls for Adoption of Nuke Ban Treaty (News)


New York, June 16 (Jiji Press)—Hiroshima Mayor Matsui Kazumi on Thursday strongly called for the adoption of a treaty to legally ban nuclear weapons during the second session of a United Nations conference for negotiations on the pact that runs through July 7.

"I am speaking today as mayor of Hiroshima--the first city [in the world] attacked by a nuclear weapon--to share the earnest wishes of hibakusha [atomic bomb survivors] for the elimination of nuclear weapons," Matsui said in his address at the session, which started Thursday at the UN headquarters here.

Having gone through "incredible misery," such as the sorrow of losing their beloved families and friends, and the long-term effects of radiation, hibakusha "have arrived at the unshakable conviction that 'no one shall ever again suffer as we have.'"

They have continued to "appeal for nuclear abolition and their fervent desire for peace to the people of the world," he said, stressing, "Their earnest wish is to witness the prohibition of nuclear weapons in their lifetime."

Matsui showed his gratitude for the inclusion of wording referring to hibakusha's suffering in the preamble of a draft text of the proposed nuclear weapons ban convention.

Disarmament advocates gather in Hiroshima on June 15 to call for the banning of nuclear weapons. (© Jiji)

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